Midwest Dress Code

Midwest Parents and Performers,

We will be dressing in business professional attire for most of our trip to Chicago. Boys will need a sports coat, dress shirt, and slacks.  Girls will need a dress, nice blouse and slacks, or a pant suit for the trip. There is no need to go shopping for winter outerwear that may be worn only on this trip! Consider borrowing rather than buying. Overcoats are preferred, but ski jackets are acceptable although they don’t usually fit well over a sport coat. It is recommended that students bring a pair of gloves and an ear band, ski cap, or scarf. When indoors, gentlemen will remove hats and caps.

Business professional attire is required on both travel days, on Wednesday when we are at the McCormick Center in the morning, and at the Chicago Symphony on Thursday evening.  Casual clothing may be worn on Tuesday evening for Chicago Style pizza and Wednesday evening for the Hard Rock Cafe and Blue Man Group. Neck ties for boys and dresses for girls are required at the Chicago Symphony Thursday evening.

There are a lot of sales this Thanksgiving week and you might consider checking Thrift stores for great bargains.  We are going to look great and represent Berkner High School in the best possible manner.


Thank you all!


Mr. Needham and Mr. Schayot

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AP Music Theory (5th period)


Updated forms for the 2013-2014 School year are available on the Forms page.  Get a head start by printing off these forms and returning them completed the first day of school!  Extra credit for those that do!

Each student will need to complete and return a Medical Release form, the Extra Curricular Activity Form, and the Handbook Acknowledgement form.  The instrument check-out form is only for those using a school instrument and we will deal with that the first week of school.  The handbook is also on the Forms page if you would like to look at it.  We will not be giving out hard copies of the handbook!

Welcome to our New Directors!

Please welcome Mrs. Aline Moore as the new Assistant Director at BHS and Mrs. Kandra Parks as the new Head Director at Liberty JH!!!

Read about them on our Director’s Page.

Mrs. Moore                                                                                              Mrs. Parks

Kandra headshot cropped 2DSC_8551a (1)