8th Grade Auditions

2017 8th Grade Auditions

BHS Violin JH Auditions 2017

BHS Viola JH Auditions 2017

BHS Cello JH Auditions 2017

BHS Bass JH Auditions 2017

All 8th graders will use this music for 2017 auditions.  Current Apollo and Liberty students will play live auditions when the High School directors come over on May 3-4.

Students coming from other schools are being asked to submit a video of themselves performing the required audition music and submit it by May 5.  You may submit the video on our google classroom or email the video directly to Mr. Needham.  Please make sure we can see you playing in the video and state your name and school in the video.

Please go to www.classroom.google.com  Log in using your school google email and look for our class entitled Berkner HS Orchestra auditions.  The class code is nqog47. Join the class and submit your video(s).