May Announcements

Important upcoming Orchestra dates:
  • May 8-10, 2018-19 Auditions
  • May 14, Orchestra Banquet, Richardson Civic Center, 6-10 p.m. tickets are $20, Seniors are free
  • May 21, Grand Finale Concert, 7:00 p.m. Berkner Auditorium
We need to have a head count of who is attending the banquet by this Friday, May 4.  Checks may be made to BAOC and deposited in the orchestra safe.
We also need any media you may have from this school year for our end of year Banquet video.  In addition, we need seniors to turn in a baby picture and a current senior picture for our Grand Finale senior recognition.  Please email all media to:
Finally,  there are still several students who owe program operations fees or instrument rental fees.  Please check your Charms account so we can get all accounts up to date before the end of school.  Students not making payments will be placed on the hold list. 

Instructions for Monday, March

Monday is a big day for us as we perform at UIL and host 7 other schools at Berkner. Please read all instructions:

Student instructions for Monday, March 2

Performance times:

Philharmonic: 9:45 a.m.

Symphony: 12:45 p.m.

Uniforms: There will be uniform hanging racks in the hall by the bathrooms in the Fine Arts wing. Please label all uniforms! Do NOT go into the orchestra room as we are using it for sight-reading. If you need in the orchestra room, you must go in before 1st period.

Symphony students need to go to hang out in Senior Way during 1st period (I will try and get some tables) or even better, do not arrive at school until 2nd period. You need to go to 2nd period. Philharmonic students need to wait in the orchestra room at 8:15 a.m. dressed and ready to go to the warm-up room.

Symphony students will come to the hall by the band director offices in the Fine Arts wing 3rd period to eat and change (we are providing pizza and water). Symphony students will get instruments around 11:45 and go to the stage for warm-up.

Philharmonic students will exit the orchestra room following sight-reading and go to the hall by the bathrooms in the Fine Arts wing to change and wait to go to class. DO NOT eat pizza or ask to eat pizza. Philharmonic students will return to a normal school schedule following 3rd period.

We need as many students as possible 7th period to come help clean up!